Dear Researchers and Developers,

We currently maintain a number of data sets along with the tools that implement our algorithms as a service to the data mining and security communities. This web page is intended to facilitate researchers and developers access to the source code of our algorithms and datasets rather than developing them from scratch. Users can download the source code and run it for our data sets and/or for their own datasets. In addition, they can extend their research by utilizing our software. As of today, this web page describes a number of tools. The first tool implements malware code detection; the second tool describes novel class detection for stream data; and the third describes stream data classification with limited labeled data. We will be adding more tools (e.g, Code Blocker, Data Mining for Ontology Alignment) as they become available. We welcome feedback, comments and suggestions for improvements. We request that our tools to be acknowledged should you decide to use our software for your development activities.

Dr. Latifur Khan


PRINCIPAL Investigator : Dr. Latifur Khan

Co-Principal Investigator : Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham


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